Gilcrest Natural Farm is dedicated to producing delicious, high quality foods. We specialize in heirloom vegetables, pasture raised chicken and beef, and free range eggs. We do not use any synthetic pesticides, growth stimulants, hormones or antibiotics on our pasture, gardens or for our livestock. We grow great food in nature's backyard.

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Gilcrest Farm uses organic methods (but are not certified organic) that include trap crops, companion planting, crop rotation, compost and mulch, organic fertilizers, and they remove plenty of weeds and bugs by hand. (The chickens are happy to help with bug disposal!)   <br>  <br>In times of drought soil fertility is a special challenge. Amy and Gil use compost and aged manure along with crop rotation, cover crops, and rest periods. They find growing organically a welcome challenge. They are stewards of their land and want to preserve its viability for generations to come. They specialize in heirloom vegetables and search for varieties that are suited to our climate in order to give them the best chance to succeed. Amy and Gil prefer the taste and nutritional content of organically grown foods and hope their customers do too.
Our cattle’s diet is pasture based.  The grasses on our pasture and hay make up 95% of their diet.  We also give our cattle limited grain each day, an average of 2-3 lbs per animal per day.  We give them some grain for four reasons:  1) it enables us time to check each animal’s health each day as they are eating, 2) it creates a fine marbling in the meat that provides great flavor and ease in cooking, 3) some people detect a “gamey flavor” in strictly grass fed meat and this amount of grain negates that taste, 4) it serves as a delivery system for diatomaceous earth – a natural de-wormer and fly control.  Our pasture grasses include fescue, orchard, Bermuda, red and white clover and the inevitable weeds.  In 2010 we will be establishing native grasses – Eastern gamagrass, switchgrass, big bluestem, and indiangrass.  By giving the cattle a “salad bowl” of choices they are able to balance their diet and produce flavorful meat.  
By feeding a small amount of grain consistently their rumen and digestive system is able to handle this and we do not compromise their health and believe we enhance the end product.  
We do not give our cattle any hormones or antibiotics.  That said, if an animal needed antibiotics to save its life we would administer them.  This animal would then be sold at auction and not become part of our salable inventory.  

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